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who is trid melwani

Is Dinesh Melwani the real Indian dad?

Dinesh Melwani, also known as The Real Indian Dad on TikTok, is famous for his comedic videos on TikTok. Dinesh and his wife Sheena have grown popular because of their TikTok videos, where he roasts his wife and has fun with her. He is the husband of TikTok star, Sheena Melwani.

What does Sheena Melwani husband do for a living?

What does Sheena Melwani’s husband do for a living? Dinesh is an attorney. Despite his face being hidden in his wife’s videos and his social media profiles, he also counts as a social media personality.

Who is Sheena Melwani husband Trid?

Dinesh Melwani is commonly known as ‘The Real Indian Dad’ and he also goes by the name ‘Trid’. As per the sources, the attorney belongs to the Sindhi caste but currently lives in Canada as of 2021. Though he is from India, he has spent most of his time in Pakistan as his father moved there when he was young.

Who is Trid the real Indian dad?

Dinesh Melwani is an aspiring internet personality. He is known for his TikTok page under the handle the Real Indian Dad, which has amassed more than 1.7 million followers and 8.2 million likes so far. If you are excited to know his career details, Dinesh is an Indian-Canadian transactional attorney.

Is Trid Sheena Melwani dad or husband?

In a recent TikTok on her page, Sheena revealed that “real Indian dad” isn’t her dad, but the father of her two children, named Dinesh Melwani, aka Trid. Fans are still enamored with the couple and hope that they never stop making TikToks together for all the joy they’ve brought during the pandemic and otherwise!Aug 1, 2021

What religion is Sheena Melwani?

Sheena Melwani Wiki/BIOReal NameSheena MelwaniDate of Birth1 September 1983Birth PlaceCanadaZodiac signVirgoReligionChristian26 more rows•Dec 30, 2021

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