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who is the wanderer in vikings

Is the wanderer a god in Vikings?

Harbard became Aslaug’s lover, but he also slept with other women, something Aslaug didn’t like. Questions arose as to whether or not Harbard is real. Therefore, Harbard is believed by both characters in the series and viewers to be a God.4 mrt. 2022

Who is Harbard really in Vikings?

Harbard (Kevin Durand) A wanderer who turns up unexpectedly in Kattagat when Ragnar and most of the men of the town are away raiding in England.

Was Harbard really a God?

Harbard’s mysterious aura, abilities, and the way he appeared and disappeared suggest he was a supernatural being, specifically a Norse god, with Floki himself suggesting he was Odin as “Harbard” is another name for the Allfather.18 sep. 2021

Who is the wanderer in Vikings season 6?

Othere is the mysterious new wanderer in Vikings, who Ubbe (Jordan Patrick-Smith) and Torvi (Georgia Hirst) were introduced to by Kjetill Flatnose (Adam Copeland) upon their arrival in Iceland.4 feb. 2020

Who was Harbard the wanderer?

Harbard (meaning “Greybeard”) is a wanderer and mysterious storyteller, dreamed of by Helga, Aslaug, and Siggy before he arrives in Kattegat, while most of the men of the town are away raiding.

What happens to Harbard in Vikings?

His supernatural status was originally confirmed when he disappeared into the fog when he first departed in season three. He then reappeared in season four and caused mass outrage by sleeping with most of the women in Kattegat, before clashing with Aslaug and vanishing once again.3 feb. 2021

Why did Aslaug sleep with Harbard?

Despite the happily wedded bliss, Aslaug thinks Ragnar wants to sleep with other women, and she is jealous of him even looking at another woman. Ragnar loses interest in his wife over time, and she feels neglected. Consequently, she sleeps with Harbard (Kevin Durand), a wanderer who comes to Kattegat.19 mrt. 2021

Is Floki a Harbard?

To Floki, it seems he is with Aslaug himself, until the end when she says the name “Harbard” and Floki’s eyes go wide. He’s becoming the Seer, of course. We were given that hint when he visited the old man, and it certainly makes sense for his character.1 apr. 2016

What happens to Porunn?

In season three, Porunn was suffering from severe depression after being brutally beaten by a Mercian warrior. When Porunn’s injuries healed, she was left with a large V-shaped scar on the right-hand side of her face, leaving her feeling like a failure as a shield woman.1 mrt. 2021

Why did Siggy let herself drown?

Siggy actress Jessalyn Gilsig asked leave Vikings “At the end of season 2, I had some family issues, and living overseas in Ireland just wasn’t conducive to me feeling like I could do what I needed to do on behalf of my family,” Gilsig told Entertainment Weekly in March 2015.14 apr. 2021

Why did seer lick Floki’s hand?

Floki might become the new Seer Until Ragnar’s ruthless son Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) murders him, many of the show’s characters visit the Seer, licking his hand as a gesture of respect and asking for advice.13 sep. 2020

Why did Athelstan’s hands bleeding?

Oddly enough, the episode ended with Athelstan back in Wessex coming to Lagertha to show that his hands were bleeding from his old crucifixion wounds (CREEPY). In another interesting development: Back in Hedeby, Kalf (Ben Robson) succeeded getting enough support to overthrow Lagertha and install himself as Earl.28 feb. 2015

Is the wanderer in Vikings Athelstan?

Another person who makes his way to the Golden Land is Othere (Ray Stevenson), the mysterious wanderer who claims his true identity is an Anglo-Saxon monk called Athelstan.5 jan. 2021

What is the land that Othere saw?

Finding Greenland A traveller by the name of Othere arrives in Iceland and tells tales of a lush and verdant land to the west, which excites the imaginations of Kjetil Flatnose, Ubbe and Torvi, who set off to find it. They find Greenland instead, a barren, inhospitable land that promises little but bleakness and death.12 jan. 2021

Why did people say Athelstan?

The bishop and King Alfred had said Hvitserk would be renamed Athelstan, and the show’s creator, Michael Hirst, has said it was to pay homage to the fan-favourite character who died early on in the series.6 jan. 2021

Who is the ferryman Harbard?

Harbard the Gate Keeper But this is not entirely consistent with what we know about Habarf from the Hardardslijod, which appears in the 11th century Poetic Edda, but may be based on earlier oral traditions. In this story, Harbard is a ferryman that Thor encounters when he is returning to Asgard from Jotunheim.13 aug. 2021

Is Floki a Loki?

Floki principally worships Loki and believes himself to be a descendant of the God. Ragnar notices that Floki is a lot like Loki, only not a god.

Is Floki a God?

Gustaf Skarsgård has stated that he thinks Floki considers himself a descendant of Loki, while some fans think he is a reincarnation of the god himself.

Is Aslaug pregnant by Ragnar?

Ragnar Lothbrok On their first meeting they sleep together once. Aslaug tells him she’s carrying his son, but Ragnar doesn’t believe her. Then she turns up several months later in Kattegat, heavily pregnant and indeed bears his son.

Is Aslaug a witch?

Aslaug Really Was A Witch She came from out of nowhere and turned the show on its head, causing Ragnar and Lagertha’s split and becoming the mother of Ivar, Sigurd, Ubbe and Hvitserk.5 mrt. 2021

Did Ragnar ever love Aslaug?

Ragnar finally tells Aslaug that he’s “grateful” to her, and it’s a nice moment between them. The two never have a conversation on camera again. They both die not long after with Ragnar being murdered in England as he intended in his own plan and Aslaug murdered by Lagertha.12 mrt. 2021

Why does Siggy sleep with King Horik?

Siggy takes it upon herself to sleep with King Horik (Donal Logue) as a way of playing both sides. She wants to get in good with him, since he’s the king and she wants to rise in her station with Rollo (Clive Standen).28 jun. 2020

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