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who is the voice of louise belcher

Are Mabel and Louise voiced by the same person?

Kristen Schaal is a voice actor known for voicing Mabel Pines, Louise Belcher, and Trixie.

Who does Lois voice on Bob’s Burgers?

Kristen Joy Schaal (/ʃɑːl/; born January 24, 1978) is an American actress, comedian, and writer.

Who else did Kristen Schaal voice?

Best known for her iconic role as Louise Belcher on Bob’s Burgers, Schaal has also lent her vocal talents to Mabel on Gravity Falls and Trixie in Toy Story 3, Toy Story 4 and much of the Toy Story TV and film franchise after joining the animated family in 2010.22 nov. 2020

Who voiced Mabel Pines?

Watch an exclusive “Gravity Falls” featurette with Kristen Schaal (voice of Mabel), Jason Ritter (voice of Dipper) and show creator and executive producer Alex Hirsch.8 feb. 2016

Does Kristen Schaal voice big mouth?

Kristen Schaal – Bernie Sanders Kristen, AKA Louise from Bob’s Burgers, lent her voice to Andrew’s main love interest this season.12 nov. 2021

Why does Louise Belcher wear rabbit ears?

In an interview, Loren Bouchard explained, “We knew we wanted to do that with her, partly inspired by this anime called Tekkonkinkreet — there was a kid who had this little bear hat, and I liked that weird combination of kid and animal where they become an animal by always being seen wearing these little ears.16 jan. 2021

Is Linda older than Gayle?

Gayle is Linda’s younger sister, Bob’s sister-in-law and the aunt of their three children, Tina, Gene and Louise.

Who is the voice of Princess Carolyn?

Princess Carolyn (born June 6, 1974) is a fictional character from the Netflix animated television series BoJack Horseman. She is voiced by Amy Sedaris and was created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

Who voices Jake Jr?

Kristen Schaal is the voice of Jake Jr.

What is Mabel Pines middle name?

Dipper and Mabel’s middle names are their parents’ first names, like Alex and Ariel Hirsch. Though, neither of their middle names are mentioned throughout the series.

Who plays Bella in Amphibia?

Kristen Schaal: Bella the Bellhop.

Who plays the female hormone?

Maya Rudolph is a comedian and actor who voices Connie the Hormone Monstress. She is perhaps best known for her Saturday Night Live tenure, which ran from 2000 to 2007.

How old is the hormone monster?

From that bubbling water, rose Maurice the Hormone Monster. This story was told in “Requiem for a Wet Dream” but it’s not likely that this is true. This would mean that Maurice is the same age as the Earth, although he claimed to be 70,000,000+ years old, which isn’t very close to when the Earth started forming.

How old is Leah Birch?

Leah BirchLeahBiological InformationBornLeah Birch (age 16)GenderFemaleEye ColorCornflowerNog 14 rijen

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