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who is the voice in wandavision

Who is the voice of WandaVision?

Perhaps the voice on the WandaVision radio is actually a character we haven’t met yet. Or, at least, not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know that Evan Peters is in the show in some capacity. He famously played the mutant Quicksilver in the X-Men series of films.

Does WandaVision have a narrator?

Wandavision’s message While she was the one in charge of “the show” Wanda Maximoff, being an example of an unreliable narrator, could change the narrative and the theme of the show however she wanted. But after episode 4 she doesn’t have that kind of control, which means that someone else is in charge of the show.

Who is the beekeeper in WandaVision?

The Beekeeper in WandaVision is played by an actor and stuntman named Zac Henry. Zac Henry is no stranger to the MCU. He has already done stunt work for Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Marvel’s Runaways, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and just about any other Marvel title you could name.15 de jan. de 2021

Is Chris Evans in WandaVision?

During a recent stop at a virtual ACE Comic Con, Chris Evans made the substantial reveal he has yet to see a single episode of WandaVision. Appearing in a Zoom call alongside his brother Scott, Evans mentioned he’s simply hasn’t had a chance to sit down and binge through the Jac Schaeffer and Matt Shakman-led series.29 de mar. de 2021

Who has a cameo in WandaVision?

However, WandaVision’s final episode – which lands on Disney Plus today (5 March) – has revealed that the surprise cameo was actually Bettany himself all along. The finale features two versions of Bettany, one as Vision and one as White Vision.5 de mar. de 2021

What exactly is WandaVision?

What is WandaVision’s story? WandaVision’s basic setup finds Wanda and Vision living in a sitcom-style suburban world as a married couple with two children. Each episode (at least those featured in the various trailers) is modeled after sitcoms from different eras (I Love Lucy and I Dream Of Jeannie among them).23 de fev. de 2021

What did Wanda do to the beekeeper?

Wanda manipulated time in a way that looked like she simply rewound a video and brought it back to before they were distracted by the beekeeper’s arrival.15 de jan. de 2021

Who is the beekeeper in WandaVision episode 2?

The actor credited for this role is stuntman Zac Henry, and the character is listed simply as Beekeeper on IMDB.15 de jan. de 2021

Who crawled out of the sewer in WandaVision?

Franklin then emerged from a manhole and made eye contact with Wanda Maximoff and Vision. Maximoff, upon seeing Franklin, proclaims “no” and proceeds to rewind the sitcom reality.

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