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who is the most useless person in the world

What is the most useless thing in the world?

10 Most Useless Things The World Has Ever SeenRemote Headband. Source. … Revolving Ice Cream Cone. Source. … The ropeless skipping rope. Source. … Shoe Umbrella. Source. … DVD Rewinder. Source. … I Am Rich app. Source. … Goldfish walker. Source. … Noodle Fan. Source.Altre voci…

What are useless people?

If you say that someone or something is useless, you mean that they are no good at all. Their education system is useless. Synonyms: inept, no good, hopeless [informal], weak More Synonyms of useless.

What is beautiful but useless?

bauble -Google. bau·ble /ˈbôbəl/ noun. something that is superficially attractive but useless or worthless.7 mag 2015

What is the most useless thing in school?

49 Things You Learned In School That Are Now Completely UselessHow to write in cursive.How to drop an egg from a five-story building without breaking it. … How to climb a rope. … How to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. … How to make the most badass erupting volcano. … How to find a book using the card catalogue system.Altre voci…

What is a fancy word for useless?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for useless, like: worthless, no damn good, unavailing, unprofitable, ineffective, thrive, unusable, dysfunctional, incompetent, unsuccessful and in-vain.

What is a weak man called?

An ineffectual or cowardly person. weakling. wimp. sissy. coward.

What do you call a weak woman?

1 anaemic, debilitated, decrepit, delicate, effete, enervated, exhausted, faint, feeble, fragile, frail, infirm, languid, puny, shaky, sickly, spent, tender, unsound, unsteady, wasted, weakly.

What are some aesthetic words?

elegant,exquisite,glorious,Junoesque,magnificent,resplendent,splendid,statuesque,Altre voci…

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