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who is the mistake in the westing game

Why is sydelle the mistake?

Sydelle is the mistake in The Westing Game because she was not supposed to be invited to the will reading.

Which heir is the mistake?

Sydelle Pulaski is a mistake. Well, that’s not all she is, but that’s supposedly her biggest role in this mystery; her part was supposed to be played by someone else.

Who was Sam Westing’s mistake?

What was Sam Westing’s mistake. The tenant that was chosen by mistake was Sydelle Pulaski. Sam’s mistake was that he hired Otis a private investagator, to get Sybelle Pulaski.

What mistake did Barney Northrup make?

Barney told her he would have people begging for the apartment soon so she went ahead and took it. What mistake did Barney Northrup make? How do you think this mistake might affect how the story unfolds? Barney Northrup rented one of the apartments to the wrong person.

Who is the bomber in The Westing Game evidence?

After she turns 18, she requests that everyone call her “T.R. Wexler”. She falsely admits to being the bomber after the fourth bomb explodes to protect her good-natured sister, Angela, who is the actual bomber. Flora Baumbach is a shy 60-year-old dressmaker who becomes a maternal figure to her partner, Turtle.

What goes wrong with the second bomb in The Westing Game?

The Second Bomb. The unnamed bomber, alone in the Hoos’ restaurant kitchen, sets off a timed bomb where no one will be near it when it goes off, so no one will be injured. The bomber uses one of Turtle’s candles to light the fuse.

Who finally wins The Westing Game?

Several years after that, Turtle stays with Sandy/Westing (as Eastman) while he really dies. She finally wins the prize and goes to play chess with her niece Alice.

Who does sydelle think the bomber is?

Sydelle thinks the bomber was Angela Wexler.

How did turtle win The Westing Game?

Ultimately, after discovering the true identity of Sandy McSouthers—and the fact that Sam Westing created four aliases for himself based on the directions of the four winds—the logical and enterprising Turtle wins the Westing game, but she doesn’t tell any of the other players that she’s solved the puzzle.

What was Sam Westing’s big mistake?

In Judge Ford’s opinion, what was Sam Westing’s first mistake? Mistaking Sydelle Pulaski for Sybel Pulaski and inviting the wrong one to live at Westing Towers. Mistaking Grace Wexler for a long lost niece that he wanted to leave his entire fortune to instead of his wife’s niece.

Why was Angela upset in The Westing Game?

Why does Angela become upset when everyone continually asks about Denton? Angela is suffering an identity crisis and she thinks that people feel she is nothing without Denton. Why was Chris watching legs from his wheelchair? He wanted to see which guests were limping.

Who does Judge Ford think Mrs Westing is in Chapter 22?

The judge realizes that the only possible player who could be Mrs. Westing is Crow. Chris shows the judge a flock of geese flying, which makes her drop her papers. When she picks them up, she realizes that the wax figure looked like a picture of Westing from fifteen years ago, so no one knows what he looks like now.

How is Otis Amber related to Sam Westing?

Otis is a hapless aging delivery boy who, at 62, lives in the basement of a greengrocer and makes local deliveries on his bicycle. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs. Otis and Berthe Erica Crow have been friends for many years, and together, they run a small soup kitchen on Skid Row.

Where was the 3rd bomb hidden in The Westing Game?

Later, a third bomb goes off at Angela’s wedding shower, making a deep cut in her cheek and sending her to the hospital. Turtle figures out that Angela set the bombs herself. As Judge Ford and Sandy keep studying their notes, they see a possible connection between Grace, who claims to be Westing’s niece, and Crow.

How did turtle know Angela was the bomber?

She sets off the fourth bomb in the elevator and burns her hair. When she meets with the judge about it, Turtle accidentally reveals Angela’s the bomber, because she’s so focused on keeping that a secret. During their discussion, Turtle and the judge both realize that Sam Westing might not be dead after all.

Who got injured the second bomb in The Westing Game?

Sydelle Pulaski was injured during the second bombing inside Shin Hoo’s Restaurant.

Who is not an heir in The Westing Game?

The sixteen heirs are: Grace Windsor Wexler, Turtle and Angela Wexler (Jake Wexler was named as an heir but refused to attend), Crow, D. Denton Deere, Flora Baumbach, Doug Hoo and his father (James Shin Hoo), Madame Hoo (who does not attend, as her husband did not tell her of the meeting), Judge J.J.

What confusion arises about turtle real name?

What confusion arises about Turtle’s real name? Can you explain a possible reason for this? Turtle told Flora that her name was Alice but Grace is telling Flora that her actual name is Tabithia Ruth.

What does sydelle discover at the end of the chapter?

Turtle tells her it was a stupid thing to do, and Sydelle realizes that Angela was the bomber.

Who is hurt by the third bomb?

The Westing Game The second bomb goes off in Shin Hoo’s restaurant, Sydelle Pulaski was hurt and taken to the hospital. While there, Sydelle gets two clues from an anonymous source. The third bomb goes off at Angela’s wedding shower. No one but Angela is hurt and she is taken to the hospital.

What does Angela find at the bottom of her bag?

This cheers Sydelle up. When Sydelle asks Angela for her makeup, Angela reaches into her bag and finds an anonymous letter that asks for forgiveness, encourages her love, and worries about enemies. It has two clues attached: “thy” and “beautiful.”

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