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who is the kid in dexter new blood

Is Harrison in Dexter his real son?

He is Harrison, a 16-year-old, in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood. He is the biological son of Dexter and Rita Morgan, as well as the half-brother of both Cody Bennett and Astor Bennett. Harrison was born shortly after the wedding of his parents, coming into the world at The Miami Central Hospital.

Who is the little boy in Dexter?

Meet Jack Alcott, the young actor who plays Dexter’s long-lost son. The last we saw Harrison, his father was abandoning him in the 2013 series finale.

Is Dexter’s son Harrison a killer?

It is Dexter that has made Harrison volatile through his decisions, and it is Dexter who finally makes Harrison a killer by asking him to kill him.

Is the baby on Dexter his real son?

In Dexter, the titular main character has a biological son named Harrison, and while he has appeared in every season of the show since season 4 (and most recently in SHOWTIME’s 2021 reboot Dexter: New Blood)—Harrison has actually been played by several individuals.

What happens to Dexter’s son?

In the series finale of Dexter: New Blood, TV’s beloved antihero Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall) finally gets a taste of his own medicine. He dies at the hands of Harrison (Jack Alcott), his long-lost son who found him hiding in Iron Lake.

Who raised Dexter’s son Harrison?

Dexter and Rita are his biological parents. He also has two half-siblings, Astor and Cody. Dexter becomes involved in a complicated battle to take down the Trinity Killer in Dexter Season 4. He tries to get Rita to take Harrison and leave town, but Trinity gets to her first.

Is Dexter’s son the same actor?

Luke Andrew Kruntchev (born 28 March 2009) is an actor. He is the twin brother of Evan George Kruntchev. He played Harrison Morgan, son of Dexter Morgan, in the Showtime series DEXTER. Due to restrictive child labor laws in the film industry, he and his twin brother shared the role.

What happens to Rita’s kids in Dexter?

However, Dexter does form a bond with Rita’s children Astor and Cody. After Rita’s passing, he struggles to take care of the kids. Astor resents him and blames Dexter for not protecting her mother. Eventually, the children move away to live with their grandparents, although Cody doesn’t want to leave him.

Did Hannah poison Harrison?

She claimed not to have actually committed any of the murders and received immunity from prosecution after agreeing to testify against Randall. Hannah married an older man but poisoned him because he was trying to pressure her into having an abortion. She later miscarried.

Why did Dexter leave Harrison with Hannah?

Dexter didn’t plan to abandon Hannah and Harrison Debra’s death caused Dexter to realize that his very existence put Hannah and Harrison in danger. Although Dexter originally planned to flee with Harrison and Hannah to Argentina in the Season 8 finale, he ultimately chose to fake his death in the hurricane.

Does Harrison become a killer?

In the end, Harrison becomes a killer himself. He shoots Dexter in the chest, killing him. Harrison leaves Iron Lake in Dexter’s truck.

Are Deb and Dexter married in real life?

Some may already be together, while others start a romance sometime after filming. Carpenter and Hall portrayed siblings on Dexter. According to Insider, the two stars were married for a while in real life.

Who is Michael Hall married to?

Morgan Macgregorm. 2016Jennifer Carpenterm. 2008–2011Amy Spangerm. 2002–2006

How old is Dexter’s son?

If the writers followed Harrison’s character by the book, he would have been 12 years old in Dexter: New Blood, and not 16. Things like this happen very often in TV shows and movies, so it isn’t something that should bother us. Click here to learn how old is Jack Alcott, the actor who played 16 year old Harrison!Jan 13, 2022

Will Dexter: New Blood have season 2?

While there are no current plans for a spinoff, executive producer and New Blood showrunner Clyde Phillips seems more than open to the idea. “I’m open to the possibility [of a Harrison spinoff] if they wanna pursue it but there are no plans at the moment for that. Jack Alcott is a great actor,” Phillips told EW.

Why was Rita killed off in Dexter?

The writers felt that dexter needed a more dark passenger side to him and decided that having Rita negated that idea. So they killed her.

Does Dexter ever get caught?

In the Dexter: New Blood finale, Dexter is finally arrested by his on-and-off-again girlfriend, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones). Dexter was never arrested before this point. Dexter’s arrest finally reveals cracks in the titular killer’s facade. For once in his life, Dexter has to answer for his vigilante-style justice.

Who killed Harrison’s mom?

Death. Rita was killed by Arthur Mitchell in the season four finale “The Getaway”.

Did Hannah raise Harrison?

While she wasn’t his biological mother, Hannah raised Harrison through formative years that he actually remembers. By contrast, Dexter parented him as a baby and toddler, of which Harrison has fuzzy memories of at best.

Where is Iron Lake?

Iron Lake is a fictional town in Upstate New York, but it does appear take its name from the very real Iron Lake — a lake, not a town — in the Adirondacks region.

Who plays Dexter’s son in season 6?

Jadon Wells (I) Jadon Wells is an actor, known for Dexter (2006), Days of Our Lives (1965) and Wedding Band (2012).

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