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who is the bing bong guy

What happened to the Bing Bong guy?

The man who yelled “Joe Byron” in the viral Coney Island “Bing Bong” videos on TikTok has received help from fans after videos revealed he was homeless.

Is the Bing Bong guy still homeless?

Until a GoFundMe was created for the man who has become known as “Joe Byron.” His real name is TJ, and he’s homeless, according to the fundraising page. More than 2,000 people have donated so far.

Why is everyone saying Bing Bong now?

Each episode kicks off with a sound familiar to New Yorkers; the ubiquitous “Bing Bong” noise is heard on MTA trains to alert riders to stand clear of the door.

Why do New Yorkers say Bing Bong?

Where did it come from? If you’re from New York City, odds are that you’ve heard the signature Sidetalk “bing bong” sound for years prior to their viral fame. The reason is that it is the exact sound played by MTA trains when they’re alerting riders to stand clear of the door.

Is Bing Bong a New York thing?

TikTok has been overrun with one two-note sound over the last month, a simple “Bing Bong”. It’s just a bell — familiar to New Yorkers from their subway system — but now it’s all over the platform. Why? Well, it’s thanks to “Sidetalk“, a NYC street show created by Jack Byrne and Trent Simonian.

Who is Byron Sidetalk?

A Side Talk regular is a homeless Coney Island local named TJ – better known to some as “Joe Byron,” after his funny nickname for the current president – who is often seen break dancing and yelling hilarious nonsense in videos.

Who started the Bing Bong trend?

It all began with Sidetalk, the brainchild of NYU students Jack Byrne and Trent Simonian, who began posting one-minute man-on-the-street videos in September 2019.

What does Bing Bong mean in Japanese?

キーンコーンカーンコーン KIINKOONKAANKOON. noun: bing-bong bang-bong (Big Ben chimes, used as a bell in Japanese schools) ➜ 予鈴

What does the Bing Bong mean on TikTok?

Back in April 2021, Brooklyn-based musician Gorilla Nems hosted an episode in which he introduced Coney Island’s finest. In the episode, he shouts “Bing bong!” revamping the jingle as an approving exclamation as he vibes along to what someone is saying. From there, it became his catch phrase.

What emotion is Bing Bong?

Each character is personified by their emotion that they represent. Joy is always happy, sadness primarily blue, fear is worrisome, disgust is standoff ish, anger is quick to blow, and Bing Bong is overly sure of himself and his knowledge.

Why do New Yorkers sound Italian?

It is very rare to hear this outside of New York, and it is thought to be Italian influenced because there is a plural “you” in the Italian language but there is not in English. The New York accent also receives some influence from the Yiddish (Jewish) language, introducing the intrusive “G”.

Where did the bing bong sound come from?

Where’s it from? The audio is from Sidetalk, “New York’s one-minute street show,” according to its Instagram. Sidetalk was created by NYU students Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne, and it’s hosted by Coney Island rapper Nems, who interviews an array of local characters.

Who is Byron in NYC?

A homeless Coney Island man’s “President Joe Byron” riff went viral, caught the attention of President Joe Biden along with major celebrities on TikTok. It spurred a GoFundMe campaign that has raised $36,000 and purportedly found him a place to live.

Who Byron who Byron?

Lord ByronThe Right Honourable The Lord Byron FRSBornGeorge Gordon Byron22 January 1788 London, EnglandDied19 April 1824 (aged 36) Missolonghi, Aetolia, Ottoman Empire (present-day Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece)Resting placeChurch of St. Mary Magdalene, Hucknall, NottinghamshireOccupationPoet, politician17 more rows

Why is Joe Byron trending?

The audio for the vid was popularised on TikTok for its hilariously earnest mispronunciations of United States President Joe Biden’s name as “Biven” or “Byron”, as well as the amusing sound effects and phrases made by the interviewees.

How do you use Bing Bong in a sentence?

“F*** ya life, bing bong!” one man shouted from his car. “If you see these dogs in your front yard just know upstairs I’m going hard. Bing bong!” a man holding two puppies declared.

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