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who is scott mcgillivray wife

Are Scott and Sabrina McGillivray still married?

Scott is married to Sabrina McGillivray. The pair got married in 2009 and are proud parents of two daughters.20 jun. 2021

Does Scott McGillivray have a sister?

The family divides their time between residences in Toronto, Ontario, and Fort Myers, Florida. He has an older brother, Andrew, who he works with and a younger sister, Erin.

Are Scott and Debra married on vacation house rules?

He has been married to Sabrina McGillivray for 12 years now. The pair are proud parents of two daughters now. Unlike Scott, who is invested in renovating houses, Sabrina is a teacher. Debra on the other hand is happily married to wildlife expert and Canadian wildlife trainer Dave Salmoni.20 jun. 2021

What happened to Scott McGillivray from income property?

McGillivray recently teamed up with a Canadian bank and has been keeping busy executive producing and starring in his own web series called Scott’s House Call, now in its fourth season, in which he helps fans with a problem in exchange for a home-cooked meal (think Dijon salmon, moussaka, and hamburger cupcakes).15 nov. 2019

Who is the woman on Scott’s Vacation House Rules?

Debra Salmoni was born into the business of design. As the youngest of four in an Italian Canadian family involved in the construction business, Debra was exposed to the world of renovations and design at an early age, where she fell in love with the industry.

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