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who is othere in vikings

Is Othere the real Athelstan?

He was originally an Anglo-Saxon monk named Athelstan who went on missionary expeditions and wound up killing a Viking and taking his name.

Is Othere in Vikings Athelstan?

Vikings: History tease season six episode nine A man by the name of Othere (Ray Stevenson) appears to know something about Folk’s whereabouts, considering his real name is Athelstan.30 mrt. 2021

Is Othere a real person?

Othere is loosely based on the Norwegian explorer, Ohthere of Hålogaland. Ohthere was a Norwegian seafarer who lived during the Viking Age (793-1066 AD).30 apr. 2020

What land is Othere talking about in Vikings?

Finding Greenland A traveller by the name of Othere arrives in Iceland and tells tales of a lush and verdant land to the west, which excites the imaginations of Kjetil Flatnose, Ubbe and Torvi, who set off to find it. They find Greenland instead, a barren, inhospitable land that promises little but bleakness and death.12 jan. 2021

Is Othere a God?

He came across the land in 986 and this inspired the Golden Land storyline with Ubbe. Fans still believe Othere was a representation of a god, who had returned in human form to guide Ubbe. Others had suggested Othere was in fact Floki, following a theory that Floki is in fact part-god.23 mrt. 2021

Is Loki Othere?

They also suggested that Othere could actually be Loki, which would handily tie into the older fan theory that Floki is actually the trickster god.5 jan. 2021

Why did Othere say Athelstan?

Othere confessed to Ubbe and company that he was a monk in England and his name was Athelstan. He was a missionary, but he was almost killed upon arriving to Scandinavia as people realized what his real purpose was. He then met a Danish wanderer named Othere who told him of his travels.

What land is Othere talking about?

Othere told the tale of the ‘golden land’ to the west, presumably land which today is present-day America. The idea of the golden land inspired Torvi and Ubbe to keep exploring a world beyond Kattegat.4 feb. 2020

Who is Athelstan’s son in Vikings?

Judith Played by Jennie Jacques Her infatuation with Athelstan became her downfall, and their affair led to the birth of the child Alfred, who King Ecbert believes to be a child of God.

Why did gunnhild cry gold tears?

Freyja is the goddess of fertility, and Gunnhild proceeds to tell her the story of the deity and her husband. She tells Ingrid Freyja’s husband, the god Óðr, is often away from her and she cries tears of gold for him.4 mei 2020

Is there a spin off of Vikings?

It was fabulously demented – and became Amazon Prime Video’s most watched show ever during its final season in 2020. Obviously, there was always going to be more. Enter Vikings: Valhalla, a new spin-off out on Netflix this weekend (February 25).27 feb. 2022

Who is Erik in Vikings?

Erik Torvaldsson, who was also known as Erik the Red, was a Viking adventurer. He was born in Norway, but settled in Iceland, along with his father Thorvald Asvaldsson, who was banished to Iceland after he killed another man. Erik was banished from Iceland, for killing two men. He voyaged west and discovered Greenland.

Does Ivar the Boneless have a child in Vikings?

Ivar the Boneless (sort of) had a son in Vikings season 5, but left poor baby Baldur to die in the forest after seeing his facial deformity. The character of Ivar the Boneless (kind of) had a son in Vikings season 5, but due to a facial deformity, the baby Baldur was left in the forest to die.9 okt. 2021

Who is the most famous Viking?

10 of the Most Famous VikingsErik the Red. Erik the Red, also known as Erik the Great, is a figure who embodies the Vikings’ bloodthirsty reputation more completely than most. … Leif Erikson. … Freydís Eiríksdóttir. … Ragnar Lothbrok. … Bjorn Ironside. … Gunnar Hamundarson. … Ivar the Boneless. … Eric Bloodaxe.Meer items…

Who is the French wanderer in Vikings?

Sinric is a polyglot sub-human wanderer who is fluent in Old Norse, Old English, Frankish, and Arabic.

What happens to DIR in Vikings?

They were killed by Prince Oleg around 882.

What god is Harbard?

“Harbard is Odin in disguise, just as he was in the story Ragnar told his sons after learning of his visit.” Some fans have connected Harbard to the Norse God Loki, which led them to believe he was linked to Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).18 feb. 2021

What did Harbard do to Ivar?

The first enigmatic dream sequence is Harbard holding a snowball in his hand that’s on fire, while his hand drips blood. Harbard on Vikings seems to have healing powers, as he is able to cure the baby Ivar the Boneless.4 mrt. 2022

Is Floki a god?

Gustaf Skarsgård has stated that he thinks Floki considers himself a descendant of Loki, while some fans think he is a reincarnation of the god himself.

How does Athelstan become king?

On the death of his father, Edward the Elder, in 924, Athelstan was elected king of Wessex and Mercia, where he had been brought up by his aunt, Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians. Crowned king of the whole country at Kingston on Sept. 4, 925, he proceeded to establish boundaries and rule firmly.

Who does Bjorn marry?

Ten years later, Ragnar has disappeared, Björn has married Torvi and had a family with her. Torvi has given birth to one son and one daughter, Hali and Asa.

Is Athelstan a Jesus?

The Apostle in question is St. Peter, who is said to have denied being a follower of Jesus on three occasions. This is mirrored by Athelstan, who denies being a Christian three times to the Uppsala Temple’s chief priest. It’s a small parallel, but a fitting one, given the Christian roots of this Vikings figure.12 jun. 2021

Was Erik the Red blind?

Ingrid, who turned out to be witch, used her powers to encourage the gods to turn Erik blind. Without his sight, Erik became powerless, and this gave Ingrid the opportunity to take control. Fans were shocked to find out how she had been scheming with another slave she once knew, who had been sold by Erik.3 jan. 2021

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