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who is othello

Who is Othello and what did he do?

Othello is a Moorish (African) general in the Venetian army and an eloquent storyteller who is respected, but often treated as an outsider. He has promoted Cassio to lieutenant while leaving Iago as ensign. Othello falls in love with Desdemona and they secretly marry; later, he leaves to Cyprus to stop the Turks.

What kind of person is Othello?

Othello is an outsider who is intelligent and confident in military matters but socially insecure. He leads an intense life, swinging between triumph and dread. He is different from those around him, due to his origins and his life history, but he shares their religion, values, and patriotism to Venice.

What is Othello summary?

Othello Summary. Iago is furious about being overlooked for promotion and plots to take revenge against his General; Othello, the Moor of Venice. Iago manipulates Othello into believing his wife Desdemona is unfaithful, stirring Othello’s jealousy.

Why Othello is the villain?

Othello is the actual villain. Even though he initially lacks any malicious thoughts and ideas, he eventually gets to become a murderer due to emotionally untrustworthy and jealousy. … Whilst Iago reveals his detailed plot, we come to discover another vice possessed by Othello, he has a jealous mind.17 jul. 2017

What type of tragedy is Othello?

Othello is a tragedy because it tells the story of a noble, principled hero who makes a tragic error of judgment, leading to a devastating climax in which most of the characters end up either dead or seriously wounded.

Was Othello a good man?

Othello is essentially a good man. From early in the play we learn that he is a trusted soldier and a loving husband who remains calm under pressure and is held in high regard in Venice.20 feb. 2014

What are some characteristics of Othello?

As a skilled soldier and general, Othello is brave, confident, smart and physically strong. Unfortunately, he is also a racial outsider, insecure about his Moorish background, emotionally out of control and naïve. Othello’s insecurity is his fatal flaw, a weakness in his personality.7 sep. 2021

How is Othello a noble character?

Othello can be considered a noble character because he is one of high social ranking and he has a genuine heart. Othello, despite coming from a rough past, is an honorable war hero and the general of the Venetian army. What is this? Along with his social stature, Othello also has a noble heart.

What was the name of Othello’s beloved?

Othello explains that it was Desdemona who pursued him after she fell in love with his stories of valor: “These things to hear would Desdemona seriously incline,” (Act One, Scene Three). This is another demonstration of her not being a submissive, passive character—she decided she wanted him, and she pursued him.28 mrt. 2020

What is the cause in Othello?

‘It is the cause’: in other words, this (the killing of Desdemona) is the cause to which he now devotes himself, the course he must take. Othello is raising himself to almost biblical heights by addressing his soul: something that figures in the Bible often do, but rare among Shakespeare’s other heroes.

Was Othello a monster?

It is a physical indicator that he is less than a man and “beast” like because of the unnatural condition of a wife being unfaithful to her husband. In addition, the jealousy infidelity causes has made Othello feel like a “monster” because of the emotion agony he is experiencing.

Why Othello is a victim?

One of the most obvious reasons for Othello being victimised is the colour of his skin, as he is a lone black person in an all-white Venetian society. This means that he is subjected to racial abuse and stereotyping, with comments such as “sooty breast” and “thick lips” being directed at him.

Why is Othello the protagonist?

Othello is the protagonist of the play. His fatal flaw is his jealousy, which is ignited by Iago, the villain of the play. This noble man meets with tragedy by falling prey to Iago’s temptations and believing that his wife is unfaithful to him. Iago, Othello’s ensign, is the antagonist of the play.18 okt. 2019

What is the tragic flaw of Othello?

Some say that Othello’s tragic flaw was jealousy which flared at suspicion and rushed into action unchecked by calm common sense. A more modern interpretation would say that Othello’s tragic flaw was that he had internalized, that is taken into himself, the prejudices of those who surrounded him.

What are the major images of Othello?

Iago uses a lot of animal imagery to describe Othello. In Act 1 Scene 1, he calls him a ‘Barbary horse’ and an ‘old black ram’, using these images to make Desdemona’s father angry and telling him that Othello and Desdemona ‘are making the beast with two backs’. This continues in Iago’s soliloquies.

Who is the best Shakespeare character?

The 10 best Shakespeare charactersThe Nurse: Romeo and Juliet. … Lady Macbeth: Macbeth. … Titania/Hippolyta: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. … Falstaff: Henry IV, Parts I and II, The Merry Wives of Windsor. … Iago: Othello. … Prospero: The Tempest. … Lear: King Lear. … The Bear: The Winter’s Tale.Meer items…•24 mrt. 2012

Is Othello a hero or a villain?

Othello is generally considered to be the protagonist of the play Othello, but throughout the story, he doesn’t always play the role of “hero.” His life, just like his characterization, is far more complicated than that.

How is Othello insecure about his race?

1 Othello is the only man in Venice with a different color skin, so he feels insecure about being born black. Othello knows he lived in a world where the white people are the majority of the population. He is worried about what others will think him marring Desdemona, so they eloped at the beginning of the play.

What are the main themes in Othello?

The themes in Othello are linked with individual characters ranging from hatred to love, jealousy to revenge, service to betrayal, and innocence to guilty. Major themes In Othello are love, jealousy, racial prejudice, appearance versus reality, expectations versus outcome and intrigue.28 sep. 2020

How did Shakespeare describe Othello?

At the beginning of the play, Othello is straightforward, honest, and noble. He cannot conceive of being lied to. He isn’t at all what an English audience would expect. The Venetians around him, on the other hand, are exactly what the audience would expect.11 nov. 2015

Why is Othello the best play?

This is why it’s great: First, Othello shows us how language and stories create reality; second, the play reveals both heroic loyalty and the vengeful, perverse underbelly of same-sex friendship; and finally, it challenges us to realize how easy and harmful it is to racialize and essentialize others’ identities.5 mei 2014

How does Othello describe himself?

Othello is a trusting, honest person who expects that his own good character, if embodied clearly and earnestly, will save him from others’ prejudice. He demonstrates this belief in the first act; presenting himself so nakedly in the name of justice and common sense will be his great misstep.6 sep. 2018

Is Othello unsophisticated?

In the play Othello, the character of Othello has certain traits which make him seem naive and unsophisticated compared to many other people. This is why Iago, to get his just rewards uses him as a scapegoat. Iago told Roderigo, ” O, sir, content you.

What does Othello sacrifice?

When Othello says, “Yet she must die, else she’ll betray more men (line 6),” he conveys that he is killing Desdemona for her own good, and that in committing this murder, he is giving Justice to all those men to whom she would have been unfaithful.4 jun. 2018

How is Othello a tragic hero quotes?

I swear to God I’ll get revenge.” (This quote shows his flaws and fall because he is so gullible and angry because of Iago and leads to his mistake of killing her.) “Oh, what a fool I am!” (Admits to being a fool and shows that he is a tragic hero due to his gullible attributes and blinded sight cause of anger.)

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