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who is nanno girl from nowhere

Is Nanno a ghost?

The actress playing Nanno, Chicha Amatayakul herself has said that she’s neither a ghost nor a human but rather, something like Satan’s spawn, the daughter of Lucifer or the serpent that brought forth the Fall of Man by giving Eve the forbidden fruit.

What does Nanno represent in Girl From Nowhere?

Temptation – the ‘snake’ in the Garden of Eden Considering her modus operandi, the hypothesis that Nanno represents “temptation” checks out. In each episode, Nanno targets the most conniving, hypocritical or unempowered members of school and gives them the tools to execute their vision.

Is Girl From Nowhere Based on true story?

Nanno herself often changed schools, and at the new school, Nanno often gave lessons to people who often misbehaved. For example, bullying people, even taking advantage of others in the wrong way. However, according to several sources, some of the stories of ‘The Girl From Nowhere’ are based on true stories.15 jul. 2021

How did Yuri become like Nanno?

She has a rival/apprentice named Yuri, who died drowning and ‘accidentally’ drank/inhaled her blood. This caused Yuri to have the same immortality as Nanno and can expose victims like how Nanno can.

Who is Yuri in Nanno?

Yuri is the anti-heroic main antagonist of the Thai television anthology series Girl From Nowhere. She is portrayed by Chanya Mcclory.

Is Nanno good or evil?

Nanno is revealed to be an immortal entity that has the power to expose the lies and misdeeds of each faculty at every turn. Nanno is neither good or evil in her crusade as she seems to punish everyone equally.

Is Yuri like Nanno?

From all of the foreshadowing we can see that Yuri was once a normal human girl who got entangled with Nanno and is now a non-human entity just like Nanno. She was created when she gulped in some of Nanno’s blood in the process of being drowned in the tub where Nanno’s body was placed in episode 4.9 mei 2021

Is Girl From Nowhere inspired by Tomie?

Girl From Nowhere first premiered in 2018, before the protests flared up. But the new season hitches 2020’s anti-establishment, anti-Boomer ride, borrowing from Junji Ito’s horror manga Tomie and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker while dressing its narrative of subversion in the lurid guise of revenge fantasy.

Is Nanno based on Tomie?

Besides Kanako, Nanno also has similar devilish traits to Tomie, the titular star of the Japanese horror manga series, Tomie. Netizens have even started a thread on their identical sinister traits. Like Nanno, Tomie displays succubus-like features throughout her story.

Is Nanno in love with TK?

Yup, Nanno actually felt *something* for TK. Actually, she has a very, very kind heart.8 mei 2021

What is Nanno from Girl from Nowhere Instagram?

NANNO | KITTYCHICHA AMATAYAKUL (@kittychicha) • Instagram photos and videos.

Are Yuri and Nanno enemies?

It is interesting to note here that Yuri does not really hate Nanno. She is like a lion cub playfully biting her mother figure, knowing that however hard she tries to bite, Nanno will still end up surviving on her own anyway.30 jun. 2021

Why did Nanno not heal?

Throughout JennyX and The Judgement, we can see that Nanno has begun to empathise with her targets, thus resulting in her weakened insta-healing powers. Whilst some see the end of The Judgement as Yuri’s victory, others see it as the beginning of a full-blown war between Nanno and the aspiring “Girl From Nowhere”.

Who killed Nanno?

Yuri takes the opportunity to convince Junko to take out her rage on her mother and reveals she’s been switching out the medicine, so Junko is stronger now. Junko and her mother fight over a knife before Teacher Waan stabs Nanno out of anger, and Junko then kills her mother.3 okt. 2021

Did Yuri betray Nanno?

Yuri has betrayed her — this was the plan all along. Nanno plays the scared victim for a while, but as soon as the girls refer to Yuri as a “loyal lapdog”, she’s back to her old tricks, laughing and joking.7 mei 2021

Did Nanno give Yuri powers?

Nanno also granted her the ability to come back from death, taking Yuri under her wing as a protégé to learn the ropes and understand how this revenge-giving works.8 mei 2021

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