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who is mr mister

Why is it called Mr. Mister?

Drummer Pat Mastelotto was drafted in alongside guitarist Steve Farris and the band took their name from an in-joke about the Weather Report album ‘Mr.11.07.2010

Who is in the group Mister Mister?

Richard PageSteve FarrisSteve GeorgePat Mastelotto

Is Mr. Mister still alive?

Mister still exist exist (yes, that was intentional). Alas, the ’80s pop band—which featured Richard Page (vocals/bass), Steve George (guitar), Steve Farris (guitar) and Pat Mastelotto (drums)—disbanded a quarter-century ago.11.03.2016

How much is Mr. Mister worth?

Richard Page net worth: Richard Page is an American musician who has a net worth of $16 million. Richard Page was born in Keokuk, Iowa in May 1953. He is best known for being the lead signer and bassist for the band Mr.

When was Mr. Mister formed?

A: Mr. Mister was a pop/rock band from the ’80s which had two major hits. Formed in 1982, the band consisted of Richard Page on vocals and bass guitar, Steve Farris on guitars, Steve George on keyboards, and Pat Mastelotto on drums.05.02.2015

Who produced Mr. Mister?

Mister. A product of the L.A. session-musician community (which also produced the harder-rocking Toto), Mr. Mister enjoyed a brief but massive burst of popularity during the mid-’80s, crafting an atmospheric, vaguely progressive variation on slick, radio-ready pop/rock.

Is Richard Page married?

Personal life. Page and his wife, Linda, have four children.

What hits did Mister Mister have?

It contains the billboard hits “Broken Wings”, “Kyrie”, “Hunters of the Night”, “Is It Love”, “Black/White” and “Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You).” It ends with the previously unreleased song entitled “Waiting in My Dreams” (which was originally intended for Pull (1990), an album that would go unreleased until …

Who was the guitarist for Mr. Mister?

Steve Farris, guitarist for the band Mr. Mister. Mr. Mister, Farris’ band in the ’80s, that achieved fame with two number one singles, “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie.”24.07.2018

What genre is Mr. Mister?


Who wrote Broken Wings by Mr. Mister?

Richard PageSteve GeorgeJohn Lang

Who wrote the song Kyrie?

Richard PageSteve George

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