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who is meena harris husband

Who is Nikolas ajagu?

Born in 1984, Nikolas Ajagu, husband of Meena Harris, turned 37 this year. In comparison, Meena Harris is also 1984 born. Henceforth, she is also 37 years old. Thus, no doubt that the couple is simply a match from heaven.15.12.2021

How old is Nikolas ajagu?

Nikolas Ajagu Net Worth in 2022Nikolas AjaguWiki/BioNet Worth$4 million USDBirthday12 January 1984Age38 YearsBirth PlaceThe United States Of America.23 weitere Zeilen•24.01.2022

Is Meena Harris Kamala’s sister?

Maya and Tony were both in the class of 1992 at Stanford Law School, where they became friends but did not start a relationship until after graduation. Her daughter Meena Harris graduated from Stanford in 2006 and from Harvard Law School in 2012. Her sister Kamala Harris is the Vice President of the United States.

Who is Meena Harris daddy?

In June 2020, Harris released her first book from HarperCollins, entitled Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, which is based on the story of her mother, Maya Harris, and aunt, Kamala Harris, the 49th Vice President of the United States….Meena HarrisParent(s)Maya Harris (mother) Tony West (step-father)RelativesHarris family6 weitere Zeilen

When did Meena Harris get married?

“It’s a family joke that Meena knew we should be together long before we did.” Nearly a decade after they first met, the pair got married in 1998, and today, the two are very proud parents—and grandparents.20.01.2021

What is Nikolas ajagu nationality?

Known to the world due to his direct connection to Vice-President Kamala Harris, Nikolas Ajagu was born and brought up by his parents in Nigeria. Currently, he resides in the United States and holds an American nationality.

What race is Nikolas ajagu?

He has Nigerian roots but has spent most of his life in America. Nikolas Ajagu’s age is hard to tell because he has never revealed it to the public. However, going by his wife’s sweet birthday messages on her Instagram, we know that he was born on 12th January.05.11.2021

How old is Meena Harris daughters?

Meena Harris is a mother to daughters Amara, 4, and Leela, 2, whom she shares with her partner Nikolas Ajagu.21.01.2021

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