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who is illegal civ

Who is a part of Illegal Civ?

The core members of Illegal Civ are Na-Kel Smith, Zach Saraceno, Kevin White, Sunny Suljic, Ryder McLaughlin, Aramis Hudson, Davonte Jolly, Tyshawn Jones, Nico Hirago, Kevin White, Mikey Palma and Black Mike. Pretty much everyone’s role is to skate and act. Jolly runs the skate program.

Who makes Illegal Civ boards?

Illegal Civilization, also known as IC, is an American skateboarding company and movie studio founded in North Hollywood by Mikey Alfred. The brand produces clothing, accessories, skateboards, and videos….Illegal Civilization.IndustrySkateboarding, mediaWebsiteillegalcivilization.com3 more rows

Did Illegal Civ make Mid90s?

Illegal Civilization made their first movie, and it wasn’t the life-changing follow-up to “Mid90s” fans were expecting. Originally a clothing brand and skate group, Illegal Civ has turned itself into what members call the first teen movie studio, despite most of the staff and actors being in their 20s.

Is Gio in Illegal Civ?

In the film, the four teens that befriend Sunny are played by Illegal Civ-affiliated skaters Na-Kel Smith, Olan Prenatt, Ryder McLaughlin and Gio Galicia.

Who owns Illegal Civ?

Illegal Civilization (Illegal Civ or IC for short) is a skateboarding company and self-proclaimed “first teen movie studio” founded by Mikey Alfred in 2008 when he was only twelve years old.

Are Illegal Civ pro skaters?

Alex Midler, Kevin White & Zach Saraceno Are The Newest Pro for Illegal Civ. Midler, White and Saraceno are pro!

Who does Olan prenatt skate for?

Olan Prenatt’s skating career He has featured in Chesnut Roasting, a skate video by the Illegal civilization Skateboard Team. He has also worked with other teams like Arbor, Gnarly, and Rogue Status. He later signed a contract with Adidas.

Who is Ryder McLaughlin sponsored by?

IC is the official board sponsor for Aramis Hudson and Ryder McLaughlin.

When did illegal Civ 2 come out?

Illegal Civ 2 Coming April 4 | Transworld SKATEboarding.

When did Alex Midler start SKATEboarding?

Midler: When I was eight I started actually doing tricks, from the basic ollies to rails, all these crazy tricks. Within a year I was getting pretty good. I always do it for fun but once I started winning a lot of contests then I started thinking “Oh, I could be pro at this.” But I still do it for fun.

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