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who is deb antney

Who did Deb antney produce?

With unwavering visions and persistence, Antney left her nine to five to oversee the career of the popular MC full-time and Mizay Entertainment was born. In addition to Gucci, Antney established the careers of now superstars OJ Da Juiceman, Nicki Minaj, French Montana and Waka Flocka.

Who is Debs son?

Kayo ReddWaka Flocka FlameWooh Da Kid

Who is Deb antney managing now?

Debra Antney is an American businesswoman born in Jamaica, Queens, New York on March 10, 1962. She is the CEO of the Atlanta-based management company Mizay Entertainment that was formed in 2007. The company has managed artists like French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Lex Luger, OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane and others.

Did Deb antney discover Nicki Minaj?

For those who don’t know, Big Fendi is credited for discovering Nicki back in the mid-2000s and gave her the rap name Nicki Minaj. The pair had a bad falling out and Nicki eventually went to famed manager Debra Antney, Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, to manage her career.

How is Ayanna related to Deb antney?

How is Ayana Fite related to Deb Antney? Deb Antney is also Waka Flocka Flame’s mom and manager. Ayana grew up around Deb as a child, who she calls her aunt. While some fans think that Deb and DJ Hurricane – whose real name is Wendell Fite – are brother and sister, others say they are “pretending”.

Is Deb Waka Flocka mother?

Deb Antney is an entertainment manager and the founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment. She rose to fame for breaking the careers of several high profile artists, such as Gucci Mane, French Montana and Nicki Minaj. She is the mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame, and has 7 other children.

Why does Waka Flocka not have a child?

In the episode, they found out that Waka’s sperm count is low due to an injury — which is what was causing the couple to have a difficult time getting pregnant.

Who does Waka Flocka mom manage?

She is the mother of Juaquin Malphurs, also known as Waka Flocka Flame, and managed his early career. She also has managed, or is currently managing, the careers of Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana, and Lex Luger, among many other high-profile acts.

How is Cisco Rosado related to Deb antney?

He captioned a photo of the pair: “When Best friends become Enemies. Still my brother though”. Cisco also shares his friendships on Instagram, he posted a photo with American music manager Debra Antney, saying: “Family isn’t always blood.

How rich is Lil Scrappy?

As of 2022, Lil Scrappy’s net worth is $900 thousand. Lil Scrappy is an American rapper and record producer from Atlanta….Net Worth:$900 ThousandBorn:January 19, 1984Country of Origin:United States of AmericaSource of Wealth:Professional RapperLast Updated:20211 altra riga•3 feb 2022

How do I contact Nicki Minaj?

Direct Tel: +1 212.Direct Email: taylo.Company Tel: 1-212-Website: www.wi.

Who is Nicki Minaj ex manager?

Nicki Minaj honored her former business manager Angela “Angie” Kukawski, who recently died in a suspected homicide. The Los Angeles-based business manager was reported missing a week ago on Dec.

What happened with Nicki Minaj and Deb antney?

Young Money’s first lady Nicki Minaj has fired her manager Debra Antney, who is also the mother of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. According to Waka Flocka’s mother, the news came when she received a series of letters, banning her from doing business with Minaj.

Who is Fabolous manager?

Kevin Webb. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has helped propel a resurgence of sorts of the New York hip-hop scene, and to that effect, we should also bestow some credit onto his manager, Kevin Webb. No stranger to the business, Webb managed Brooklyn legend Fabolous for nineteen years.

Who is Ayana Fite parents?

Ayana Fite was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 23, 1990. Her parents are Wendell and Dawn Fite. Her siblings are Jennifer, Janrell and Quron. Ayana graduated from Ola High School in Atlanta and pursued a career in retail.

Does Waka Flocka have a twin brother?

Kayo ReddWooh Da KidRahleek MalphursTyquam Alexander

Who is Tammy Rivera dad?

Rivera grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where she lived since age 8. Rivera’s mother relocated the family to the city after her father, Oscar Rivera, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Why did Tammy and Waka break up?

While they were on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Tammy opened up about Waka cheating on her. It was a very hurtful thing for her to experience. And she struggled to trust him after he cheated with multiple women. At one point, they actually broke up.

What is Deb net worth?

She is a mother to 8 children: 5 sons and 3 adopted daughters. Her son, Waka Flocka Flame, is one of the famous rap-artist in the music industry….Know her Husband and Family.NameDeb AntneyNationalityAmericanProfessionCEO and Manager of Mizay EntertainmentNet Worth$10 millionAltre 6 righe

What’s the brat’s net worth?

Da Brat Net WorthNet Worth:$100 ThousandDate of Birth:Apr 14, 1974 (47 years old)Gender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)Profession:Actor, Rapper1 altra riga

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