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who is christian mccaffrey dating

Is Christian McCaffrey still dating Olivia?

The 29-year-old model has been dating the soccer star for just over two years now, and the pair’s romance is going from strength to strength, with a source claiming they have discussed taking their relationship to the “next level”. They told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “Olivia and Christian are serious and very in love.18.02.2022

How long has Christian McCaffrey been dating Olivia?

Olivia Culpo, 29, previously dated former NFL player Tim Tebow in 2015 and NFL player Danny Amendola from 2016 to 2018. Her hesitance eventually subsided, and she and McCaffrey started dating in June 2019.

Who has Christian McCaffrey dated?

Olivia Culpo likes Super Bowl chances for Christian McCaffrey’s PanthersPanthers running back Christian McCaffrey and girlfriend Olivia Culpo. … Christian McCaffrey and girlfriend Olivia Culpo have been dating for more than two years. … Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey takes the field on Sunday, Nov.Weitere Einträge…•28.11.2021

Who is Olivia Culpos boyfriend?

Olivia Culpo’s boyfriend is 25-year-old American football player Christian McCaffrey. The NFL star is currently a running back for the Carolina Panthers and has played for them for five seasons. Christian played college football for Stanford University before being picked by the Panthers in the 2017 draft.15.01.2022

Will CMC play Week 6?

Vikings. We break down the Monday news that CMC won’t play Sunday due to his hamstring injury.15.10.2021

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